Copper Weave Bracelet - Croc Ridge Wire Weave

I tried last night to follow the pattern and got this
WOW - was I out of it - I packed it in (was not feeling good with the flu) Just could not grasp the pattern 
what a mess - see that Mars bar - made me feel  a bit better 

So I got a good sleep - did my chores  dropped my sales from Etsy to the post office 
I got back and decided to give it another try
I think I was really tired last night as I started to get it right away 
Its pretty ugly but I figure out what I had to do 
Next one was better 
Stages - practice makes perfect 
Next one better  so I tried finishing 
the ends were not great but I figured the next one would be better and I needed it to be longer for it to fit me

I made it a bit too big - so I'll have to make another 

I love this little gadget that is part of the Cindys wire weaving kit - holds the wire perfectly so I can weave evenly I can c-clamp it to any table wherever I am  - 

can be found at :


  1. LOL @ the first pic - looks like some of MY work!
    Looking at the process, it looks very similar to a woven bracelet I make -
    Except mine has 4 working wires, and it looks like yours has 6. It took me a couple of tries to get the wire to behave, but it's actually an easy pattern once you get the hang of it!
    Good job!

    1. yes its 6 wires (3 folded in half) once in the right frame of mind it was easy -