Thursday, January 31, 2013

Slowly getting some things done

Here and there playing and getting  back into things
Last week set up my torch and got a couple of beads made
then I played off mandrel with some copper wire
thinking of making some corsages or necklaces something 

I got detoured thinking of ways to strengthen my wrist and arm and pulled out my archery equipment that has been sitting since I came back to Canada - I used to go every weekend when I lived in the U.S.
I shot all of 6 arrows and was in pain - but if I do it each week maybe I'll have strength sooner 
I even got my granddaughter hooked and she loves it and got her a bow  - something we can do together - this year its lampworking too for her 

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  1. Deborah, I love your products on Etsy and would love, even more, to know how to use them. Of course, I know what to do with earrings...
    I also agreed with your statements about copying your, or any other artist's work. Yes, it is the technique and crediting the artist. Thankyou.