Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Getting Ready

My projects for this week are to move my torch and kiln to the basement studio
Tonight I disconnected my torch from the oxy concentrators and propane in the main studio (where its freezing)  and brought the hoses and torch down and set up - of course my table was full of dust, cobwebs - glass rods and junk since I have not used it in over 1-1/2 years so I ended up cleaning that up too.  So tomorrow is bring down the kiln  and make sure its all ready to go for the weekend - of course I'll have to bring down more glass and tools as well but I am ready to go

I also brought down my two sheets of dicro ready for engraving zentangle patterns (I broke my wrist  right after I made them and never got them finished ) so I want to get those done - I can do that in the kitchen and cut them up later (that I can do in the kitchen too if I have too)
Getting worked up over getting to work in glass again 

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