Sunday, January 20, 2013

Basement Studio Up and Running

I finally finished cleaning and dragging tools, and stuff down from the big studio so that I can sit in the basement and lampwork -Oxy set up , propane set up , kiln set up -  I want to get some things done over the next few weeks for the may show so if I stick to my schedule I'll acutally have some new beads to sell .
Its not huge but it does the job - my orginal stainless steel tables  I love - I actually did about 5 beads that I'll show tomorrow.  The basement was the original set up till I had my studio built so I had electrical put in properly to support my oxy cons, a couple of kilns and put in overhead lights

 still a bit of a mess but the work area is cleaner - each time I go down I'll clean another area 
With old houses (mine built 1885) the wall mortor is crumbly and leaves dust all over so each and every time I have to clean 

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