Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 - What to do , What to do

So were at day 3 of 2013 and I have not worked on any projects -  I like to blame my hand but with the Christmas season and running around for work and home I really have not had much time.

When in that mood I typically surf and checkout what everybody else is doing or find some project I might like to work on.

I found a cool wire design bracelet that I downloaded the pattern to last night  and it will be good therapy for my hand (my hand is not in too bad shape - I can type, I can cut with scissors pretty good, , write, and draw again (started a zentangle last night ) there is limited movement - you dont think when you say palms up  - I cant quite do 1/2 turn as yet  but I am getting doors knobs open better - time is what it will take and use)

back to my plan for therapy - want to do some hand stitching, wire wrapping etc.. I entered braded bracelet and got the following pic - I loved it .
an amazing bracelet by wire jewelry artist  Dianna Wolfe. on her site 

this is called croc ridge braid

So I searched and searched for a pattern and found

Its a purchase instructions - reasonably priced for a 37 page 130 pictures on how too.
there is also another instruction on a basket weave bracelet as well - have not downloaded that yet !- but looks interesting

Now I also have Cindy's wire weaving kit I need to bring out and work on as well
WeaverBracelet made with kit

can be found at :

so this weekend its bring out the wire and sit (since I once again have the flu which I hope does not turn into pneumonia)  to work on wire projects and some zentangle - want a new stamp for 2013


  1. You've got to start getting flu shots!

    I love the look of wire-weaving, and have done a bit of it. Enough to learn that I have too heavy a hand with it - I always end up torquing the wires too much, and one always breaks.

    Good luck with your weaving - the croc looks cool, and I've seen the basketweave in person, and love it!

  2. I used to do wire wrapping waaaaaaay back when and loved it. I've done other wire bracelets but not the actual weaving - something like the box weave with the thinner wire - this croc weave with 16g (which is the stock of the most wire I have for jump rings) is ideal - I cant wait to try it out this weekend - and its too late - got bronchial pneumonia again - dr says shots probably would not have helped - but is surprised I'm sick again