In the Studio

Well I ventured up to the studio and made a path to my lampwork station and sat down
I gathered a few things - made sure my glasses were there, some mandrels and glass I could play with - some other tools  - checked the propane  and connected it , ran the oxy cons for a few minutes - and flipped the switch on the kiln

fot it to start to ramp up 
Then put my glasses on  - then took them off to clean the dust off (been sitting for a while )  and I grabbed a mandrel and started 
I looked at my stock 
I thnk I have more than enough Boro and 104  (and a few others ) to keep me busy for a while although I have seen some new colors I would like to try 

so I just sate and made a few beads  then (luckily ) I grabbed the instructions on how to run the annealing cylce on my kiln (cause I can never remember unless I am lampworking every day  on how to turn it off -  
set it and forget it !
Next morning  I switch off kiln and voila 
not the greatest beads but  something to start with 
Next visit I need to plan  what I am going to work on - probably fish 

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