Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Dragon Skin Resin Cup

another technique I wanted to do was the dragon skin cup  - looked great

Wished I had some color shift glitter or  the rustoleum  color shift spray paint - but  none available right away  so I painted an already sprayed white cup with some acrylic color shift paints from michaels (curbside pick up )

I painted the cup  the  Green Flash and sponged on some of the  aqua Flash  to give it some contrast 
took picture in sunlight to see if I could see the shift -  sort of ......

then the magic happens 
You need a uv light - I had my nail/stamp uv unit , some UV resin , a cup with water and dish soap in and a straw 
I found I was more or less juggling  to hold the cup  and put the bubbles on  so next time going to put it on the turner  (without it being on )  and that should make it easier to handle 

so I applied a small seciton of uv resin,   blue my bubbles  and grabbed and just put over the resin - then shone the uv light on it - for about 2 minutes after this I only went max 1 min as it cured quickly 
then this is what happened - voila 
I was so impressed and it was easy - or will be easier the next time to handle and work with 

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