Getting into the studio for 2020

As the weather is getting better  I have to get up to my studio and start cleaning up.  Basically havnt really been up there for 2 years other than  putting more stuff up there, my daughter moving in and her stuff going in there last year - grabbing stuff I needed down to the house.  So like a new years resolution I thought I better  outline  what I want to get done and see how I do for the spring/summer and fall  -  Although my main show has been cancelled for this year - its my opportunity to stock up and build up things and try some new things in the studio .  going to list 20 items and see where I get to

1. Create a Vitrograph kiln and set it up - I purchased all the fixins for this years ago and have the kiln so just need to build a set up to pull from

2. Clean up and get all my daughters boxes  stored to the back corner
3. Get all my books and magazines (that are in totes from my downstairs room that got taken over by my daughter ) either stored/stacked to back of studio or get some bookcases  to get some of them out and accessible
4.  clean up my Pen turning equipment area  (I left it a mess during the winter )
5. Clean up BIG kiln area so I can get in and start fusing
6. Clean up my wine bottle area - its overflowing with bottles
7.  Work on Some PMC Clay
8. Do more steel etching plates
9. Do more copper etching - earrings, pendants, bracelets
10. Make more recycled glass Plates (round and square  min 50)
11. Make more recycled glass candle holders (min 50 )
12. Make more fish  large and small
13 Make more cats regular and  fat Paddy
14 Make more lamp work jewelry  (bubble necklaces min 10)
15 Paint and finish a tiger  or any other painted  project
16 Make painted beads
17 Make more turtles
18 make more dragon eyes
19 make more hearts
20 Make more  ceramic  pattern sheets for fusing

that should keep me busy over the next month at least and see where I am

Everyone Stay Safe 


  1. MONTH?!?! That list would keep me busy for the next 10 YEARS!!!

  2. LOL I know - I never know where I can find the time either - fingers crossed I can get through at least half in th enext month would make me happy too
    Thanks for Visiting