Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Alcohol Ink and Saran Wrap Resin Cups

Another Technique - 
I started with  white spray painted cups
I got a baking tray and layed out  a length of saran wrap (filled the tray length and it was a large baking tray )  I sort of pinched the saran wrap so it did NOT lay flat -
I then  spritzed  alcohol inks  - using this chart  to select three colors
if it looks familiar its the same chart I used when using alcohol inks with my  recycled tempered glass trays 

started at one end and rolled the cup in the saran - as I came to the end I lifted the first end up about 1 inch and continued rolling so that there would be no seam - sort of squished it a bit  and let dry 
its sort of crispy when dry and just  took off saran 
this is the  Mariner mix - was afraid it was going to be dark but came out beautifully 
this was the Valley Trail mix - but I did not use enough  (this was 1st try - the above was 2nd ) 
I just did another  inking and rolled same cup  in another saran wrap and it came out fine 
Looks great 

to do the bottoms I just cut a square and scrunched it and put on the alcohol inks - set the bottom on and then turned it upside down to dry  - worked great 
the I put 1st coat of resin on the cups 
Here they are with 1st coat of resin 

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