Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Dragon Skin Cup - and Claws

Well the dragon skin cup may have been messed up but I got my mold for my dragon claws and just had to try it out .
I mixed up some ART RESIN  and added a few drops of green ART RESIN TINT  and some Spin It  xfine teal glitter
O MY I love them
the Bird skul was leftover  from the mix  I poured into a mold 

De molded beautifully 

Spin it xfine Teal Glitter (love this stuff ) 

a few drops of the Resin Tint  Green

I used  Gold Nail Polish as base coat for nail colors - then I'll put a black patina and then glossy red for blood 

What are they for  - hopefully to be placed on a dragon skin cup  - not quite sure yet how but maybe something like this  (saw a video and loved the idea ) 

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