Monday, April 1, 2013

Ongoing Items

Well its been a real week of busy busy busy - but not doing crafts
I had to go to the Dr's on Tuesday  with my sister who has been suffering with swollen legs, feet and something called Cellulitis - but in the last two weeks her legs have swollen more and her feet. I haven't seen her legs for a while but when I saw them I wanted to cry - all flaky - and sores , her toes on both feet deep purple - it was awful
The Dr finally gave in and admitted her to the hospital so I took her Wednesday and each day visited - the weekend was busy as well  archery with my older granddaughter  painting Easter bins with both granddaughters.  my daughter made a lovely dinner - Sunday I wanted to relax and I did

But what I did accomplish was make my piece for the 7th Bead South Blog Party - I cant show as yet - as my reveal is this Saturday April 6th

Just a reminder - here is what I got from my partner Jo Tinley in the UK  she makes wonderful metal pieces and she sent me some of my fav's - the little bird clasp - very ingeniously done and the little bird charm and hearts
the focal is a round glass bead and accent beads are turquoise and ivory both my fav type colors and beads

here is a pic of what I wanted to make - I'll repost it when I actually post the piece on Saturday - delay in post - the 2nd reveal has been delayed  will now be April 13th
I hardly ever draw the piece - I like hands on playing but this time I was thinking so much I finally just had to draw it - 
of course the results have some of the concepts and most of the pieces sent to me 
The goal was to use the focal and the clasp as a must and you can add anything you want 
I find as I work with the materials I change things as I go 


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    1. Visit any time - I'll take a look at your blog
      come back and enter my Give-a-way for April !