Sunday, April 28, 2013

Working in the studio

In an effort not to do yard work I decided to see if I could spend some time in the studio

I started by making a new sheet of dichro to be fired for engraving - and got it into the kiln
(this shows face up but when fired its face down on the shelf )

Then I started cleaning my etching  container and put in some new chemical and heated it up

cleaned some copper and did some stamping and got them into the ferric chloride

Yes that is a lot of copper ready for stamping
I use the staz on (which I only had a little left  - so another thing I need to buy )

after etching - I let sit in some acetone and it makes it easier to take off the resist after etching 

Nice deep etch and I used my disc cutter for the large hole and my hole punch for the small hole 

 ( would have put in another but I didnt have any more packing tape - boy you dont realize what you should buy at end of season ) 

I did squares - possibly for bracelets  but I wanted to try a toggle - 

I'll probalby dap  it a bit and put on some color (I'll do that tomorrow ) 

Started another  dichro sheet to put into the kiln later (tomorrow probably)

Got my first sheet fired and its cooling

I set up my cricuit that I bought last year at end of season but never got around to trying out

pretty interesting 

Not a bad day at the studio - I need to do some ceramics and some glass beads 


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    1. and I cleaned the kitchen, put out the hay for the horses, set up the automatic water (since it wont hopefully freeze any more)and did archery in between things
      I felt really good about everything yesterday