Thursday, March 21, 2013

Engraved Zentangle Dichro Sheet #2 - grinding the edges

Ok so all of 20 minutes went by and I ended up grinding the edges - I have them in the sink with water running over them to get the colours come out while I take pictures - these colours will this vibrant when fired
they just get flat when they dry - and then when firepolished they become shiny again

I really like the little ones for earrings /or small gems - not sure yet - I made pairs by size as obviously they dont match and that is the way they should be 

so now both sheets are cut and ground ready for firing 
weather is supposed to start warming up this weekend - I'll take anything over 35 degrees 
once we reach 45  I cant wait to start opening the studio 


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    1. didnt get around to March - but there will be one for April