Punching Holes in Copper Discs

After having so much fun making the etched necklace for the Bead Soup - I thought I'd start to make another
I had a number of discs already etched so I thought tonight (being almost 73 degrees) I ventured to the studio to do a little clean up and fire up the kiln to do a batch of the Etched Zentangle pendants that needed Firepolishing
after firepolishing  I left them to cool down and I'll pull them out tomorrow and put the 2nd batch in 
of course I still have a bunch of sheets to cut up and fire 

A huge storm was brewing outside  - black clouds and the wind had picked up 
 was beautiful just before the storm - warmer outside than inside - I even opened the door so the  warm air would warm the studio
Torrential downpour ensued but I was actually nice and warm and dry 
TV on for noise- counters clean and kiln firing 
I decided to do the copper 

I pulled out my disc cutter - I particularly love this one as it has a see through top and makes it easier (so I think) to see through when I line up the holes

to center the hole I made a template and then made an outline on the copper 
Placed it on top

used a felt tip to outline 
center in appropriate hole

 coat end in some  bur life - this is to help lubricate it - makes it easier to punch  if less side resistance 
carefully place as not to displace your disc  (you can usually tighten down the die but I was lazy)
Use a hammer with some force 
you will end up with a nice little round piece you can use as a bead end or another connector 

and my little collection of finished discs

next I'll have to find beads or stones I want to highlight - might have to make some 

There are large hole disc cutters where you can cut the center hole first 
Swanstrom Round Disc Cutter Set then using positioning  dies 
 Center-Positioning Die Set For Swanstrom Disc Cutters  (I have these but did not use ) center that hole in the larger punch 
Rio Grande has a selection

you can get square punches and heart punches as well 

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