Monday, April 29, 2013

Out of the Kiln

Got the 1st  sheet out of the kiln
Fired it yesterday but had to wait for it to cool
ready for engraving 
A bit chilly to fire tonight so I'll wait - will take about 3 hours as I have to ramp up slowly the large sheet -

Dapped the toggle but didn't color it yet 
I like the roundish feature better than flat and boring 
not sure of the wire piece but I'll keep working on it 
I have to find my colored inks and bring them back up to the studio (all the liquids were brought down in the fall so they would not freeze)


  1. Gorgeous colors on that sheet, how will it be used? I really love your toggle too!!

    1. I will etch/engrave it with patterns then cut it up and firepolish - see this thread to see some of the finished pieces