Monday, April 8, 2013

Bead Soup - and other stuff

Getting excited as we will be doing the 2nd reveal this weekend (April 13th)  for the 7th Bead Soup Blog Party - Originally schedule for April 4th  (and I had my piece ready even before that )
I've been taking all kinds of pics trying to get a really good picture - I have to say my new camera I bought last year or so just does not take the same type of pics my old Sony Mavica did no matter what I do

I went to the studio on the weekend to take pics  in the little photo booth I have set up and still not happy
I f I could only find a rechargeable battery for my mavica - still looking (outdated)   going to try another method and bring out the cloud dome again - havnt used that in ages to see if that will help

I actually managed to put the first batch of engraved / etched zentangle dichro in the kiln - I just need to turn it on and stay in the studio till its done (but its to freeking cold  to sit there for a few hours)  plus being cold - would cool too fast and would be afraid glass would crack

but any way this staturday will be the big reveal and I cant wait to see my partners goodies
Jo Tinley in the UK 

If you want to see what the 1st group of beaders did you can visit here

Its so hard to prep and get things done when your working a full time job, get sick, family gets sick, the weather sucks  so that you cant work in your studio

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