Sunday, April 28, 2013

2nd Zentangle Engraved Batch Finished

It eventually became a lovely day in the afternoon on Saturday - When I got home from my Archery and picking up my new Kitty (Murphy) I decided to go visit the studio

I already had them in the kiln ready to go but again the temps dip at night and didnt want any problems after firing that they cooled too fast

So on the kiln went and I cleaned my very stained sink (from copper etching) while they fired .  I love the Lysol Toilet bowl cleaner ( The kind in the goose neck bottle)  this stuff cleans anything - I use in the tub to get those stubborn stains out and it leaves it squeeky clean - I wish I had taken before and after pics as it was amazing.  The brown stains on the plastic  sink/tub I use in the studio is spotless - like new

Again a Fire Polish (about 1425) enough to smooth any rough edges and shine up the dichro and glass
This batch had the long pieces as well as the small pieces I wanted for other projects

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