Saturday, November 24, 2012

Other Metals for Embossing or Micro-folding projects

In preparation for embossing I want to get in materials I can mix and match
I have my 24g copper  sheet - I also have  36g copper sheet - I was looking up embossing and came across this web site
Has  Aluminum, Brass and Bronze sheet in 24g and and thin (36g) foils in a variety of lengths
these look great for embossing images in other than copper (or if you can afford silver) the brass and bronze intrigue me as I always did my micro-folding -  they have colored aluminum too  aluminum gold coloured aluminum

the thinner 36g you can cut with scissors and the thin 24g is great with shears of some sort (xuron is a pretty good shear even for 22-24g)   I so want some red aluminum to make microfold earrings

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