Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cricut Expression 2

New plan -  since I cant use my hands -  I need to shop for new toys

I went off to Michaels with the intent of getting the mini cricut for 99.00
I got there and they had for another 80.00  the cricut expression 2   (180.00)  

I think I finally convinced myself that I really needed it ..........and it was on sale !  It was a sign - it was right when I walked in the door too  

why you ask - I want to make paper templates to use with my little rolling mill that does not see any use.
I want to create embossed copper patterns  -   Yes I know I just got that crazy Sizzix machine for the vintaj embossing discs -  but one can not have too  many tools or toys 

I picked up another couple of cartridges that are sort of lacy so we shall see what happens 

I've wanted one of these for a long time  and wanted it even more after reading and article  where they used the cricut to make a paper pattern and they ran it through a rollling mill 

and the prices have come down a lot  (at least 1/2)  since they came out 

I'll see what I can make this weekend if I have time to play 
(I've got to do that wire necklace step by step, visit the gem show downtown  Toronto on the day of the Grey Cup and on saturday take my daughter and granddaughter to see the final twilight saga film and afterwards take them to dinner and glow in the dark golf.

The cast - is dwindling away - I keep cutting more and more off - it may be gone by Saturday and a splint on in place -  its become quite annoying - and cumbersome

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