Friday, November 16, 2012


I have had people ask me if I still use and if I like to use my ringinator

(mine only has wing nuts I like the blue anodized surface and the twist knobs)

THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST TOOLS I OWN - I will never hand cut or saw jump rings again
Was well worth the money.  I keep modifying it every time I bring it out - last time I forgot to show that I added a recycling oil jug so I would not have to keep filling the oil reserve -     (I need to do a bit of an update)

Its almost that time to start making coils and bagging them so I can do a run

if looking for the best way to make lots of jump rings get a ringinator

couple of videos on the side board - done when I had no clue of what I was doing and still got a ton (ok not a ton) of copper jump rings made.

I like to coil and coil and put them into bags and then drag out the ringinator - set it all up and take about an hour to cut all the rings I need for possibly 6-8 months of making bracelets and necklaces - then tear down - clean and put it away ready for the next time.   I mark my containers with wires size, ID/OD  and I jump between making all different sizes without much fuss -


  1. Never heard of it! I cut my rings with my JumpRinger, attached to my flex shaft. The coilins is the worst (of course, I wait until I have several thousand rings to cut) - it makes my shoulder hurt (rotator cuff). Coiling and cutting is drudgery - one of my least favorite things to do!

  2. was mine too - but I sit and coil with my drill - 3 ft long coils and bag them up and then do a run on my ringinator - I can do thousands so fast its unbelievable

  3. see coiling movie and my first run at the ringinator on the side video bar

    I didnt even know what I was doing and got great results