Thursday, September 27, 2012

Amazing Wire Wrap Artist Jill Lawrence

I am still sick (on meds) so still not making it to the studio

I sort of like this surfing and posting things I like - I may do this weekly and post something cool when I can

This is one of my favorite artists  Twistedsisterarts   (Jill Lawrence ) and she is on Etsy

- exquisite wire work  and I just love eyes  - these are earrings  -

Gothic Steampunk Cat Evil Eye Earrings in True Blue

I first saw this type of wire work on one of the Art Jewelery Magazines and its a technique I would love to try - just have not got around to it -

ART120301March 2012 - you can go to Art Jewelry site and get the back issue

1 comment:

  1. Eye jewelry creeps me out, but those eyes are really spectacular!

    And I love when you surf and post, because then I find cool stuff!

    Feel better soon!