Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fusing Prep - Flat sheet for Etching

I took the Tanya Veit Webinar on the Picasso technique - I like to do things my way so I took the technique and incorporated it into what I like to do
rather than a single piece at a time I like to make a full sheet - 6" x 6"  or 8" x 8"
I had already fired a sheet but it was all bumpy on top  - I had color but I wanted something flat to work on
this webinar really opened my eyes to a new technique  - hard to come by these days

so I took the existing flat sheet I had and added some more pieces to it  using the techniques taught to adhere
the new pieces broke up the existing larger pieces of fired dichro
as you can see the existing sheet was bumpy - I did not fire it smooth as I wanted the dichro to pop 
Because it was a full fired sheet I had to ramp up slowly so it would not pop - so I started at low got past low then 300,  then to 500 them to 700 then to 900 and hi till it fused
firing it face down was kind of weird and when finally fused opening the kiln to the full black back sort of scares you 

So I'll etch it as a full piece and then cut it up 

making a full flat piece makes it easier to work with - no exact cuts just keep it within the fusing shelf area 
since I would be cutting to cold work a full sheet makes it easier 


  1. It looks great - eye-popping color! I would be tempted to leave it just like it is!

    I'll have to try a full sheet next time, when my sheet of black comes in.

    I bet it IS weird to open up the kiln and see a shelf full of black!

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