Tuesday, September 18, 2012

UV Glue - Loctite 349

I always wanted to try UV glue - heard great things - I always wanted something in the way of glue that would be more secure than the two part epoxy for my metal glue on bails and my dichroic pendants.

I asked  a friend what she used as I knew she had, had success with uv glue.  She was using Locitte 349  IMPRUV  optically clear UV adhesive.

Was told its hard to find  and on a cool site that advises what glue to use

they listed the Loctite for metal to glass as the ideal glue

So off I went - took about 5-10 minutes found a Canadian source (Fastenal - just ask them to bring it in for you as they carry a large line of loctite products - approx 35.00 cdn )  and I got 4 bottles (1 for my friend for telling me which glue to use) and of course 3 for me as I have a lot of gluing to do if this works

Took a couple of days to come in - I received it yesterday and last night I tested it out - metal bail and dichoric glass cab .   I searched for over an hour for my UV lights that I know I have - I've even seen them in the last 6 months but could not find in my studio. --- I guess I put them somewhere where they would be safe and not get broken... sigh.... I do that a lot.    But I remembered I had a little UV light for a UV resin kit I bought and still have not tried out and luckily  knew exactly where that was

so I used that and gave it a try
Its in a bright yellow bottle
lots of warnings for inhalation and skin irritation - so lots of ventilation and if your any way slightly allergic skin wise to wear gloves.
the smell was not too bad - I thought it less than crazy glue - but then I'm sick and my nose is slighly stuffy - 
went on as a thick gel - cool bottle - nip top and pull up on ring closure on the pour spout - its about as difficult as it gets - I like the gel - more control over placement - little goes a long way 
I applied and put into my little uv light  which turns off after 2 minutes 

after 2 minutes (and my understanding is some uv lights depending on strength may only need seconds) seems sturdy but I put it through a couple of times. (I think this one is 9watt bulb - seen 36 watt and not sure of what my uv lights are that I have)  Direct Sunlight works as well too .
Its based on how much light actually gets into the glue so the bail is opaque and my glass is opaque black  so I wondered if it would adhere 
Once I find my larger uv lights (they are about 2 ft long) I had them for uv curing rubber stamps  then I can lay down tin foil on the bottom and top and create a really big uv box for curing ( I need a large area as I have hundreds of glass cabs to put bails on )  that I can leave on longer so it reaches I hope the depths of the bail connection. 

tonight I'll tug at them and see how easy it is to remove them - the epoxy I can pop off with a lot of force but normal wear they tend not to fall off .

if this works - going to have to make those red neck wine glasses  for everyone for christmas too as it will be perfect for gluing glass to glass and getting a secure bond with the UV 


  1. Thank you for an informative post! I will not doubt the power of UV light UV glue. Asking recommendations from friends is a good habit. Doing so will help you avoid many times of trying many products to know what's best for your project. Glad that you've found the glue that you need.

    Shannon Mcniel @ASI

  2. I use them for the Hillbilly stemware and can put mine in the dishwasher! Have not had any success with glass to metal though, it's a shame as I have a wonderful product in mind if I could just get the metal (or wood) to stick to the glass!