Thursday, September 20, 2012

UV Glue - results

Didn't work - I think because you cannot get the uv light under the opaque materials you cannot cure it therefore around the edges are hardened but the interior stays wet.   I went home last night and pushed and was able to pop off the bail - there was some adhesion but only around the edges but that did not give the bail much purchase.  Once it popped I could see that the uv glue under the bail was still liquid -  now either the uv light I have is not strong enough   or as I say the opaque nature of the piece did not allow sufficient light under to harden.

I will try again - when I have more time - I also have to find my other uv light and want to try with sunlight as well.   I sort of gave it a 50/50 chance  in hopes this would give me a better glue solution -   back to searching for my UHU Creative Two Part Epoxy for Jewelry and Glass

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