Friday, September 21, 2012


O boy - was looking forward to the weekend but I've been sick for two weeks.  Ended up going to the Dr today - Bronchial Pneumonia -   should have expected it - I get pneumonia easily and everyone at work has been sick and my daughter has been sick too, so t - probably should have gone at beginning of the  week but I thought I was getting better on Monday .  Took a nose dive thursday.  Well I hope all the antibiotics and puffer help and I'll need to rest this weekend to get rid of it.


  1. Sorry you are still sick - hope the antibiotics have kicked in. Thanks for you comment about my "ennui" - you nailed it - it's the doldrums, for sure. Maybe we SHOULD do a challenge!

    I'm taking the same webinar you are, and I was excited about it when I signed up, but now, not so much. I think because of my mood - maybe the webinar will turn me around! I sent you an e-mail 2 days ago - did you get it?

  2. Sorry late in reply - been so sick but I finally did
    I feel the same way - so excited then went downhill from there ... we should do something maybe every other month - our own bead soup kind of thing