Enamel Bead Class - July 7

Still finishing up the last little things for the class
I've got everything stacked and ready to go - but I am sure I"ll forget something

It is at the Glass Shoppe Studio in Ottawa on July 7th  - two classes

I brought home the Finger Bead Removal tools yesterday - got the metal in and drilled and bent them - this morning I taped and painted them and let them dry in the sun.   I finished by putting on a price tag  and packing them up - I made up 25  - 9 for class and 16 in case any of the students wanted to buy one 1 for me and 8 for the tables.
I finished packaging up the iron beads for sale as well and then put them into a bigger flip top box to take with me - some will be left with The Glass Shoppe Studio for sale as well

Then I put the finishing touches on my Workshop booklet and printed them off 
All in all a pretty productive vacation day 

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