Art Jewelry Editors' Choice - May 10 Newsletter - My Hadar Jacobson Metal Clay Face

I had mentioned that Art Jewelry Magazine chose my bronze face as an Editors' choice last month (May 10 Newsletter)But then they also emailed me that it could be tentatively featured in and upcoming "Up Front" department in an issue of Art Jewelry Magazine as well .  This face was made in a Hadar Jacobson class - I've made them in ceramic and silver and polymer clay but by far I love the bronze, copper, steel mix.

Art Jewelry Subscriber Gallery
Editors' Choice!

The editors would like to congratulate Deborah Read, aka "Dread" -- we chose her "Bronze Face" piece as our favorite piece posted in our online subscribers' galleries within the last month. The piece features a bronze metal clay face wrapped in a scarf made of steel, bronze, and copper metal clay.

Subscribers to Art Jewelry magazine can post their work in the Subscriber Work galleries on, where everyone can see it. Each month the editors of Art Jewelry magazine will vote to pick their favorite piece. Check out our June 14 newsletter for the next winner!

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