New Base Metal Bead Shipment

Just got my new big box O beads - base metal beads  for enamel bead making class in Ottawa for July 7

There are a few items that were out of stock on my last order but they came with this order , along with earring findings, and some tiger tail wire -

These are a good size bead  and interesting shape , the color will change when put into the flame but overall I think a great bead to enamel 

I will make some of these up this weekend to see the effects - going to try a clear coating as well 
There are some disc shapes which will turn out great 

and these fluted bead cap/ends that will look great 
I'll post an enamel sample of each of the bead styles I have in stock  before and after 
this weekend 
Etching is on schedule for this weekend as well as enamelling so I should be posting some actual work for a change -   So very hot in the studio and hot outside  -  I cant win - cold in winter and hot in summer ... 

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