Heat Press and PnP Blue - fun

Got my new press yesterday and could not wait to give it a try

I have to find the right pressure , temp and time so I had to make up some blanks to give me some idea of what the best temps will be -   this way I can do multiple blanks at a time
I was impressed with the quality of this equipment and how heavy it was - its digital and works great
I did from about 150 degrees right up to 250 (where it sort of melted too much ) so stayed down around 166 degrees -  I then also moved it around to ensure the pressure was in different spots as I notice one end was light in a lot of samples - then I found the instructions on how to put more pressure on the plate and I did that -  but I will have to do more tomorrow - it was really hot today in the studio and with this on it made it even hotter

Here is a pic of all the ones I did today - I did them one at a time - the ones to the right were a single pass the ones to the left I did twice and moved them to opposite sides to change the pressure -
tomorrow I'll clean these off and redo them till I get the right mix
I need to make a few dozen bracelets and I find this can be the most tedious making sure the resist is just right 

I can actually make some T-shirts this as well - dual purpose - sweet !

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