Enamel Bead Class - Still prepping

Finished components for the start up bags and have them packed
Finished the for sale bead bags and they are ready

Priced out my Fireworks torch heads and clamps
Got some pliers from the dollar store that will work for holding wire in the flame and taking off enamel from mandrels.
Found my mapp gass cannister set up  - so many items I need to take to show options
I got some vermiculite and aluminum baking tins - and some of my bead blankets

I like my thompson bead holders but I dont have enough to go around  so I'll have to improvise - I dont like just mandrels as the holes on beads can range from teeny tiny to ginormous and tend not to be tight enough to my liking .  So this weekend its grinding mandrels to a point  which is not too hard to do - I have a grinder
I want to finish by friday so that I can etch on the weekend and get my pics taken for the step by step in art jewelry magazine and then I can relax and play.
Have a visitor coming to learn how to electroform on the weekend so there may be pics of that too.

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