Hadar Metal Clay Bronze Nude, Faces and Lentil

In the midst of making some more items using the Hadar Metal Clay -
I make glass nudes freehand and off rod that are about 4 inches in length  and 3d so I decided to take the glass figure and use the two part molding compound to make a mold to use with the clay.
I did a quick mold so its not perfect - but I like less than perfect as the piece I want to make is not going to be symmetrical
with a silicone mold you can have overcut  as when the clay dry's you can easily remove 
the metal clay nudes are not full 3d - they are more hollow at the back 
still needs work but I may just cover it with a toga of mixed patterned clay like my first face 
I'll further sand and decide on how I want to use it or just fire it a bronze nude 
More faces in the works and a lentil 

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