Heartbroken - My Cat of 19 years passed away tonight

I am so heartbroken and upset - My cat  that I have had for 19 years passed away tonight.
He had not been well for the past month - the vet thought hyperthyroidism - and we got medication but it really never got him back to health.  The last few days more weight loss and finally this morning could hardly walk
tonight  he was beside me until he finally passed.
Its so hard to say goodbye to not only my pet but my friend.  He was born on the farm and travelled with me to the U.S. where we stayed for 8 years. . We came back 7 years ago - back to the farm where he was born and where I'll bury him tomorrow .I will truly miss this wonderful feline.

Jerry Bear Read  - March 15, 1993 - April 23, 2012  


  1. I'm so sorry to read about your kitty. He was quite a cutie. I can't imagine losing a little fur friend after 19 years of companionship. I am laid up in bed right now and my two cats spend every day with me, hardly leaving my side.

    RIP Jerry Bear.

  2. Thank you for your kind words - yes its really hard to believe after all this time he is gone - this week when I come home I miss him meeting me at the door and his hello.

  3. I truly am sorry for your loss, I have been in the same position recently. My cat of 14 years died two years ago and right now tears are streaming down my face remembering her. She is survived by her brother and we helped each other to adjust to her absence. I'm so glad you posted a photo of Jerry Bear... what a nice tribute to him.