Finished Making Final Batch of Fused Dichroic Slabs

Finished making even more of the Dichroic Slabs this past long weekend
was so nice out and I had the Grand kids - shopping for easter goodies etc..  I think I was lucky to do as many as I did - I think I did 10 slabs over two days  not bad - especially when I didnt feel like making anything.

here is pic of pre batch before firing I use up all my scraps which include the clear glass cap
Here is a spread of slabs and I added about 6 more to this pile
more of a side pic of them in a bin 
I've got about 40 slabs ready for cutting  - thats a chore - I'll have to take a pic of me in my garbage bag get up for when I cut - I try to do on a nice day outside on my deck as the water flies everywhere from my saw 
and its pretty mucky  - have fresh blades to start with so that is an improvement from last year 

My future crafters ( jumped a generation ) my daughter is crafty and can make things but she does not want to - both my granddaughters love my studio and find all kinds of crafts to keep them busy while I trot around finding something for me to make. 
Ava the painter - pretty good with a brush at 2-1/2

Zoe the crafter - she loves painting , beading and chain maille - so far - she really wants to lampwork and fuse glass - which I think this year she will be able to do - she will be 11 - at 8 I tried her lampworking and she did really well but I was the one having the panic attacks.  She made better 1st time beads than I did . 

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