Water to the Studio

I always have to go down to the house to wash brushes, get water for cleaning etc.. so last weekend I picked up a sink and tonight I stood in Home Depot trying to find fittings so I can attach  the hose to the taps that I installed on the sink  - after many package openings and putting them together I had all my parts and when I got home tonight I put them all together - so on the weekend I get to cut the hole for the hose to come in (although I may stop at Home Depot again and get some sort of hard fitting I can put through the wall ) and also cut the hole for the drain pipe  that just needs to empty outside. So as long as its not freezing out I'll have water
I have to build a counter this weekend as well so I can fit my fridge under and have an area for my kettle and microwave (all I'll need is a couch to sleep on - LOL)

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