Cutting Fused Glass Slabs

The next step in making my dichroic fused glass is to cut up all the slabs that I have been making

So I had to find my slab cutter (I have two - a 6" and a 4" - I like using the 6", larger cutting surface )
I am trying out my new blades today the pro slicer and the gorilla blade
The pro slicer is thinner and I found too flexible where the gorilla blade gave me a nice straight cut when I need it .

Normally I set it outside on my picnic bench, dresss in a garbage bag and put on my safety glasses and hunch over and spend a few hours cutting.

Saturday I installed my new counter and laundry tub sink  and hooked up the water 
Note - I hooked up the cold water tap  and then found that if you open the hot water tap  it will flow out that tap underneath and I did not have any hose on it  and it ran out onto the floor  (evidently can run through both taps) unless you hook that up too.   So I have to connect the hot water tap (put a hose on and connect to the water for now - but at least I have a sink with a drain and cold water -  if sunny I have hot water  LOL but looking at those mini tankless on demand water heaters.  

Because the sink is   installed I wanted to put the saw in the sink (just fits)so that the water can run down the drain.
I used one of the splash guards from one of my grinders which worked extremely well to keep the water from the blade within the sink area 
not only that I could sit and cut which made it much easier 
I installed the pro slicer blade first to try out .  Always nice to have a fresh blade for cutting.
The blade on and the well filled with water about 1/4 up the blade 
The cover back on and the blade is through the table top and the arm  that keeps the water forced down over the blade is put down .  I turn on to test before cutting to make sure the blade runs freely 
I start to cut 
Once cut I pile into a box 
They look milky - its the water and grindings  
Leftover pieces that I will refuse later 
washed and dried ready to be put into the kiln for the final fusing 

I found I liked the gorilla blade - the Pro was good but too flexible - the Gorilla blade held straight for the straight cuts  and  in this batch I wanted to make longer pieces.

Fingers are all sore and rough from pushing glass edges I should use some sort of protection but I like to feel the glass when I'm using the saw.  More control


  1. Hi Deb,

    Have you tried Rubber Finger Tips, or Friction tape from Lee Valley?


  2. I have both and tried them out - but I like the feel of not having anything between me and blade in case it catches or I cant feel anything - plus I stop when they get sore and rest up - a glutton for punishment