Monday, March 12, 2012

Re-Organize the Studio -

In an effort to prepare to start crafting again I needed to go up to my studio (was a lovely day Sunday - as high as 55 deg F  and sunny )   with heaters on I had it up to 62 degrees - -
I needed to move things around and tidy up - when its cold you tend to just toss things and leave and get back to a warm house. I find I can spend more time re-organizing than I can crafting -

Moved my enamel  table, wire cupboard and glass cutting tables  further down to end of studio (got rid of a big wood lathe ) so that I could finally turn my work table sideways to give me more room to walk down the aisle.
Put away a bunch of things that were sitting on work table .   put away a few other items as  I moved things around. Still have a bit to do move overhead lights to match where tables have been moved to but that can be later. build rolling walls to host my hundreds of rubber stamps so I dont have to dig through boxes  (just another re-organizing project )

Put together my Christmas gift from my daughter that had been sitting since christmas - too cold to put together  - a new jewellery work bench that I so wanted -not sure where its going but I love it . this took me as long to put together as it did to move all the tables around -
Purchased at :

Tonight I plan on tidying up more of the tables so that by the weekend I can sit down at my stations and start working again - daylight savings is nice to have a few hours of light after work -  weather is supposed to be in the 40's this week so not too bad as long as I put on the heaters.

Excited about finally getting back to lamp working (usually have set up in the house but did not bring kiln and torch back down during winter)

Pics to follow tonight of studio - will give a tour

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