More Dichro Slabs

I actually sat and did more lampworking but forgot to set the programme to anneal last night so they are annealing this morning - so by the time I get home I can take some pics  and start on more beads  (my goal is that I make 10 beads a night every day till the show.  Right now its just getting back into making beads and getting back into a regimented studio visit every day making something - anything

The dichro slabs are approx 7" x 7" its hard to take a really good pic of the dichro and how it reflects the light from different angles.   I like making this sort of patch quilt effect as when I cut it up it makes it even more unique - no two are usually the same - although sometimes I place the dicro so I do get sort of a pattern for when I cut
Holes are great as they become donuts but I dont usually have many of those
any of the slabs could have 2-5 layers by the time they are finished - I"ll make the basic like these ones and then add more to get more depth - the edges dont have to be even as I use a lot of scrap pieces to get the patchwork effect and I just keep piling it on - has a clear cap right now but that helps with the depth - if I go higher I use my larger kiln so I can get it to pool more and pull out the colours and thin the slab out for cutting  

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