More Dichro Slabs

Another couple of slabs - building up for a cutting day which is going to be soon at this rate
hard to get good pics of the colours with the reflections - again these are bases and I will be adding some transparent dichro on top to give more depth
holes - are created when you leave openings under the clear cap - I like to make donut shape pieces - so I cut around the holes and then fuse again to get the round shape 

here is what a typical melt looks like before going into the kiln - as you see I mix and match and layer (dichro cannot be on dichro which means as long as the back is plain glass it can sit on top - you just cant face dichro to dichro .   then I cap with my clear 
all that your seeing right now is all 90 COE material scrap that I am using up 
I will be making some specific dichro pieces soon  

The kiln that I love is the AIM Kiln - this one is the 8x8 but I think I'll be buying a 10x10 to add to my kiln collection.  I like it because you can make just about anything in the small kilns from slab, to pieces to bracelets  (there is room for the bending tool inside even the small 8 x8) 
I buy extra shelves so I can make and prepare while others are in the kiln fusing or cooling  makes the turnover faster.   I like the kiln wash but also like the fibre paper - but the thicker fibre paper you can reuse 
Did you know on the thicker fibre paper you can cut up a stack and then you can  fire  all at once  (fires and turns brown and then back to white again ) so that it burns off the binder so it will not affect your piece ?  (although I have fired a piece that did not have binder burned off  and I did not see any issues with my piece )

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