Studio Tour - Spring Clean UP

Last night spent some more time sweeping and cleaning - the one good thing since I put in my patio door to replace the overhead door is that I dont have any more mice  (I still find a desiccated body once in a while ) so its nice not to find droppings or mouse houses all over the place. Eventually all will be as neat as my first corner.

This first area is my  right top corner closest to the door - my work table set up to accommodate 6-8 people
has a stainless steel top , my vice etc... and storage beneath for items
I have workstations for my wood pen turning, soldering , electro forming, etching and work stations for wire wrapping etc..

As I move down the aisle on the right side I have my glass cutting station with storage beneath  
then I have my wire storage - wall and cupboard 
storage cupboard for my wire

down to the right I have more storage - but its messy right now  but have a couple of racks full of small beads and findings 
farther down I have a bunch of items for clay making in bins - more storage cabinets, lights, bins etc...

then behind the wire cupboard I have my wall of enamels and enamel station where I work on enamels and right now my clay pieces (need to build a station) it has a stainless steel top as well . 
on the other side of this moving wall (on wheels) are finding storage containers that stack 
and two new moving walls will be built to house my hundreds of rubber stamps so I can get access to them easier for use in my work .
in the centre back I have my wood stove (still in progress) and my clay slab roller with my potters wheel stored beneath - building a clay work table shortly 
then to the left of this station I have my kiln table 
the right side has the smaller enamel kilns along with my metal clay kiln which I also use for painted glass 
lots of storage beneath where my big gas kiln is stored along with more drawer storage 
You will notice I have shelves all the way round the studio for storage 
On the left side of the table are my fusing kilns - 3 
right now a bit tight with items that need to be moved around 

Then we have my lampwork table - sits 6 comfortably but right now have it set for just me and other areas for metal clay and stacking items out of the way till I find a place for them hopefully this weekend 

I reinforced the vent hood and created space to store my craft  vhs and dvd's 
to the right of where I am lampworking I have my glass and frit storage 

One more corner but its so messy I don't want to show just yet as this weekend the L-shaped desk comes out so I can clean up more items and give myself some more open space as I walk into my studio 

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