Painted Beads

I did not have much time last night but I sat down just to play again
I had some screen printed zentangle fired pieces from end of last year  ready for beads - part of the practice sessions.  I made one basic black with ivory background and colored ends  then tried a multi color background - they didnt turn out too badly  

- I like these practice sessions as they give me ideas for when I need to sit down and make beads.  I really like the multi color  -  but its cracked - I  did not heat up the base enough before putting into the kiln to anneal - I was admiring it too much out of the flame - LOL - but I'll pop it back into the kiln and put it back into the flame tonight and heat it up to get rid of the cracks.

I also started making a funky bead by just adding some petals - to give me some ideas  - for future designs - thinking adding flowers to make 3d sort of bead - its ugly but it has given me ideas

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