Silver Plating Forks

I wanted to see if I could re-plate some of the forks that I have - they are old and somewhat worn in spots and though that if I could re-plate then I could get a better shine

Caswell has re-plating solutions - the Silversmith has cyanide so you have to be careful when using but they also have another product Silverplater is cyanide free and just takes a bit longer to re-plate.  Its a liquid you apply.

I also purchased the plug and plate silver plating kit they have to give a try.  They run about 60.00 cdn.

Plug N' Plate Silver KitProbably wont have time till the weekend to give them a try.

Caswell carries all  kinds of plug and plate kits and carries supplies for copper electroplating 

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  1. Outstanding, portable plating kit, by the way, how long does it take to transfer the silver plating? Thanks.

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