Silver Plating Copper Zentangle Pieces - Pendants and Bracelets

So tonight I pick up my detail wands - or brushes -  I was asking if I could use the same plating solution with my plating pen that I have

- works the same - power source , clip to piece and use wand dipped in solution
and yes I can ! -

 I am picking up. the detail wand pack tonight - three different tips - see which ones I want - they are only 3.00 for all three  - with the plug n plate kit way cheaper than my pen plating wand  and  I got silver plate solution with the kit  - had to buy the solutions separately for the other one.

So going to use and silver plate only the raised etched  pieces on the copper to get a cool effect - I'll play with that tonight if I have time and get a pic up.

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