Just Resin - My own Jewellery Resin

Some know that I developed my own jewellery resin line  for sale.   I manufactured my own that is a clear resin.  Although I am not "pushing" the sales as much as I should - I though I should post it once in a while.

Free e-books for ideas on making resin jewellery

I also recommend the Shari Haab Resin book

I have used with Polymer clay to make faux dichro

to glaze over polymer clay as a sealer to give a nice capping 

for use as caps for picture frame charms

embed transparencies onto ceramic blanks
so many uses 

It is sold in a few sizes - the main is the kit that includes measuring cups and stir sticks and a few of the picture frame charms to start you off.  Check out the videos on the sidebar and my website for more information.



  1. Deborah,
    I loved LOVED your youtube.com instructions for faux dichrolic glass. Many thanks for sharing all your knowledge with us. My friend and I are going to try this technique tomorrow.

    My question is regarding Just Resin. Can you tell me if this is a product that is non-toxic? Most of the resins in the craft stores come with dreadful warnings and I have been reluctant to try them. Having some lung issues I am extra cautious about this but yours seemed so easy to use - I was hoping this might be my solution. Thanks for the help!

  2. My Just Resin has a very low smell - but with all resins you should be in a well ventilated room.
    I have done mine in the kitchen and I can never detect a smell. The one in the craft stores is a "polyester" resin - has a really bad smell and lingers long after use and in the room you used it. Definitely use a mask. If you do have issues with breathing you should use a respirator - some people are more susceptible to resins of any toxicity. The resins are not considered dangerous goods but that does not mean non-toxic not sure if there really is a non toxic resin out there.
    It is fun to play and you can really find wonderful uses for resin - from a laminate to a glue.

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