Saturday, December 10, 2011

New Toy - GRS Metal Forming Press - for bracelets

I picked up my new GRS Metal Forming press -  Its for making /bending bracelets and as much as it looked cool its even better in real life .

I didn't have any blanks etched to try so I just did up a quick blank (filed and sanded the corners) and gave it a try - didn't really take my time just wanted to try it out -

 Havnt read all the instructions about using the different heads and the actual press bed that can me melted to fit the form (I'll figure that out later )

Came out pretty nice - really tight and impressed with the unit -

I took one of my zentangle and did it too. even preformed can be reworked .

I like the flat work but this is even nicer finish to the bracelet - this is a very suttle bend -  I need to read a bit more about  the tin bed as it can be heated and reformed.  There is no deformity when pressing as the bed is made of tin a very soft material .  There is a flat former head accessory that I want to get too as it will make bending easier and more even.

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