Monday, December 12, 2011

Fork Bracelet - 2nd attempt

Well the only thing I did was flatten forks and clean them Sunday

I raced home today to go to the freezing shed (thats where my vice is and other tools that I needed to bend the fork)  was not that cold  (its about 42 F but I still wore my coat).  Watched the video I ordered on how to make fork bracelets and attempted my second fork bracelet. Once bent  into shape  I brought it back to the warmth of the house and fitted the dichroic glass (which was harder to choose than bending the fork tines)  that I make and glued it with the Tryloise UV Glue

I still have to do the final polish after the glue dries.

This is for my sister who has patiently waited for me to make her a fork bracelet with Dichro for 12 years !

I think a way better attempt than the first fork bracelet I made - more flare with the fork tines.

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