Resin Cups - Shipwreck

another white painted  cup - and using electrical tape  taped it off to make  boards on a ship
I did the whole cup

Then I used a darker  brown  alcohol ink  and painted it on -  then used a clear seal  and pulled the  tape off 
I only sealed the upper half and applied the lighter brown to emulate wood   (the bottom half is going to be water )   the octopus I am going to put on is at the side - on clear waterslide 

I put the octopus on - 
was very  hard to see 

so decided to create it on white water slide and cut it out and overlay it 
I then applied  resin and alcohol inks for the ocean 
applied another section of octopus  and a bit more resin and inks 
not a great pic but  what it looks like finished 

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