More resins cups - nightmare before christmas tattoo - crime scene cups

I took 2 more of the white painted cups

I applied the NMBC tattoo - boy that was fun and awkward on these cups with the reduced bottom - 
the first half not so bad but still had some  cracks  but the second half what a mess

but luckily markers  worked to fill in and over wright - and used them as well to fill in the extra white spaces so it looked all linked
I got the tattoos from  12 of them for about 13.00 u.s.  the amazon canada was way high even with conversion and shipping 

you can really see the cracks and spaces 

I then did two crime scene cups - the first I put slashes of red - and I love that I did in a different red than the decals I made -   I put drips around the edge and printed more  blood splotches and the crime scene tape 

Here are the fronts - after resin 

Here are the backs after resin - the NBC cup  you cant tell at all there were spaces or cracks in the tattoo

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