So Close to Torching !

So Close - vacuumed the area - the tables and floors - moved some tools down to  basement studio
started up the oxy cons and let them run and cleaned them off and vacuumed them clean.

Plugged in the  bead kiln (my favorite one - the Mike Crowley mailbox kiln ) let it run a full cycle

brought down the tv and android box so I have some noise and can watch tv

I just have to check out my hoses to the outside propane  and set the venting back up - which I hope to have at least  the propane check done tonight - I have new hose if I need it - but the vent system I  need to reset back up again

set up more of my niobium  stuff  and that is ready to go

but I sat fo r 20 minutes watching tv while the kiln was ramping up and the oxy cons were on contemplating what to do next  - I still need to really clean the area but if I get ready I can start and do bits and pieces over the next week - now I cant wait to get started

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