Paper - Nail Polish Flower Earrings

It actually feels good to start carding some things for this year - the actual process of making the paper flowers have bloomed (forgive the pun) into an actual item  and I love making them - its great to take a break from the other  glass, metal  beading process - it helps relax and makes me think about what I want to do next in glass.  I want to turn paper into glass  so  this week I will be starting to torch as the basement studio ventilation is almost back installed (or rather updated)

Paper flowers - coated with 3 coats of clear nail polish (nail polish is actually a type of epoxy coating that is much easier to work with than mixing and coating with two part epoxy - dries faster and just as hard )
The flowers are gued on using a two part epoxy (for best adhesion) to titanium  backs  and clasps - titianium and niobium are great for those that have reactions to metal  and I am loving the fact my ears are no longer sore at the end of the day as that is all it takes when I wear Silver, gold , nickel etc.
I make my own  cards - and piece them to place the Earrings onto
will put the plastic hangers on them so that they can be hung up - but they could also end up on the table top display as well - love to sit and watch tv and make at night lately - will probably make a few necklaces as well - after I make about 100 of these things 

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