Testing High Temp Fabric for fusing

I ventured to the studio and cleaned up some glass I spilled from a big box of scrap  cut some test glass  and started testing some high temp fabric I got (similar to lava cloth) - good to 1800F I typically go to 1465 on my bottles but did this test to 1550 you don't want to go full fuse as the glass would melt into the fabric and you would not be able to get apart - notes its similar to looking like fiberglass - threads etc  
 3600 is the thicker material
1800 is the thinner material

 I had two samples one thicker than the other slightly different pattern weave no other differences -

initial firing burns off any binder and it turns brown then back to white by the time you reach 1000F( vent kiln on initial fuse to 1000F)

starts off white 

starts to turn brown - gives off fumes - but it non toxic but good to have ventilation - I also took the plug out of the side of my kiln for venting up to 1000F
as you can see turns brown but by the time it gets over 1000F it returns to white 
when finished (as I only went to 1550 not full fuse as you dont want the glass to be embedded in the material) its back to white again - you can reuse till it falls apart - they say about 10-12 times but I will test it further - if you dont handle it and ensure its cool when removing pieces it should last for even longer 

 The patterns are great and I have enough to line fully my big kiln to place my bottles more efficiently 

Leaves a nice pattern on the back of glass makes it easier to glue bails on

Of course  you would have to full fuse normally your pieces first - then fire Polish on the cloth for the pattern- a nice finished look\

 so many things I can do with this stuff - you can even stack so you get the pattern on the face as well - similar to a canvas  to paint on or put frit/powder onto - going to have fun with this stuff -  you may see some up on etsy shortly for sale as I plan on buying a full roll and cutting it up for what I want and selling the rest

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